Local Products


Fowlers of Earlswood

Cheese and creams

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Fatherson Bakery

For a taste of homemade we have a large selection of tempting cakes, pies, cupcakes, loaf cakes from the bakery in Alcester.

Ruby's Fudge

Handmade by Ruby in rural Worcestershire, crumbly, melt in the mouth award winning fudge is made using an artisan farmhouse butter sourced from Gloucestershire for that extra creamy, homemade taste.

The Outdoor Pig Company

The Outdoor Pig Company is a local family run business based in Evesham.  They have won the champion pork pie award at the Melton Mowbray British Pie Awards for three years in a row !! 

We have a selection of their deliciuos products in the shop.

Sauasage Rolls, Pork Pies, Traditional and Tikka Pasties, large and small meat pies including Chicken and Mushroom, Steak and Kidney, Chicken, Ham and Leek, Steak and Ale.

Organic Sunflower Oil

Organic Whole Sunflower Seeds are cold pressed to naturally extract the oil which retains the distinct and delicate flavour.

Cooking Sauces

The Marmalade Tree. Hand prepared classic, savoury cooking sauces. Try Korma, Rogan Josh or Tikka Masala


Bewdley Brewery


A good selection of hoppy tasting traditional beers........ very mourish!


Alandale Eggs, Bewdley


Lovely, fresh free range eggs to complement our Tenbury eggs. 


Drews Tomatoes

Grown in Great Witley. We have them from late March to late November. They are delivered two or three times a week.


Quality Crust - Droitwich Spa

Various types of wholemeal, granary and white bread from cottage loaves to sliced bread and from rolls to Coventry Rounds are delivered by Quality Crust daily.


Mawley Milk - Cleobury Mortimer

We sell skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk which is delilvered to the Farm Shop three times a week from Mawley Farm. This is as milk used to be. It is not homogenised.


Cotswold Handmade Meringues - Gloucestershire

Delicious handmade meringues from a small local family business. Pavlova bases all sizes small, medium and large, shells aswell. 


Croome Cuisine - Whittington, Worcester

A variety of cheeses are supplied regularly by Croome Cuisine.


Lightwood Cheese - Cotheridge, Worcester

A selection of cheeses are supplied regularly by Lightwood.

Cakes and Biscuits

Isabelle's - Kidderminster

Cakes supplied by Isabelle's. All kinds of cakes, quiches and fruit pies delivered on Wednesdays.

Cakes and Biscuits

Kaye - Crowle, Worcestershire

Beautiful cakes, fruit pies and meat pies made with Gwillam's own beef. Delivered Fridays.

Cakes and Biscuits

Frank's Luxury Biscuits - Hereford

Luxury biscuits supplied by Frank's. Shortbreads to die for.

Meat and Poultry

The Butcheress - Stoke Prior

Lovely sausages and bacon.

Meat and Poultry

Bakewell Ducks - Hartlebury

Family business rearing and producing Barbary Ducks in season. Whole ducks, portions and three bird roasts.


Meat and Poultry

Griffiths - Leintwardine

Old fashioned butcher. Our beef cattle are slaughtered and prepared by his brilliant staff. He also provides us with pork and lamb sausage and bacon from Hereford and the Welsh borders.



Meat and Poultry

Springfield Poultry - Herefordshire

Family run business supplying us with free range chickens. Whole chickens and portions.



Jams, Honeys, Marmalades and Pickles

Jams, Honeys, Marmalades and Pickles

Kit’s Kitchen - Egdon, Worcestershire

Kit is local and has won a host of awards for his produce.

Jams, Honeys, Marmalades and Pickles

Hillhampton Honey - Great Witley

Honey collected from the Great Witley and Abberley area.


R. Ayres - Lower Rochford, Tenbury Wells

These hens enjoy life in the fields along side the River Teme. Our Christmas geese also range with them.


The Chase Distillery - Herefordshire

Gin and Vodka made from locally grown potatoes.


Hobsons - Cleobury Mortimer

The range of beers has become very moorish.


J A Crumplin - Malvern

Autumn Gold and Malvern Oak.


Bennetts Farm - Lowerwick, Worcester

Lovely ice-cream delivered every week from a family that is steeped in the milk business.

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