Our History




Neville and Mary Gwillam came to Bevere Green Farm as tenants in October 1963, farming the land as part of Gwillam Brother's Farms Ltd until 1981. It was in this year that the owner of the farm died and the farm was put up for sale.



Mr and Mrs Gwillam became the owners of Bevere Green Farm in June 1982. Their quality stick beans sold very well nationwide until supermarkets began importing inferior but less labour intensive beans from abroad for cheaper prices.


It was at this time that they began to grow strawberries for the Pick Your Own market as well as continuing with their vegetable crops. One day their sons dug some self set potatoes that were growing amongst the sugar beet and they decided to sell them on their strawberry stall. Customers snapped them up and asked for more, saying they hadn't tasted potatoes like that for years! They are still growing and selling the same variety - MARFONA.


By 1988 the Gwillams had started selling their own vegetables in their layby on a Friday and Saturday. The stall's popularity meant the "seeds of Gwillam's Farm Shop were sown".


The stall closed temporarily in the Autumn of 1989 whilst the focus shifted to the wholesale market. The sale of PYO strawberries continued throughout.


In 1992 the Gwillams were asked to supply cabbage for Grower Marketing Services to sell on to supermarkets. Planning permission was sought for a packing shed to meet with their demands. This shed was located in a field by Ombersley Road with good access through the layby. Any surplus produce they decided to sell from the same shed.



In the Spring of 1995 they decided to finish with the supermarkets and concentrate on selling their produce direct to the public. Gwillam's Farm Shop was reborn, opening for business in June of this year with their PYO strawberries.


The product range began with cauliflower, cabbage, calabrese, potatoes and eggs. Gradually, over time, the business grew from the shop being run by one person with help on the weekends to 9 full and part-time staff, plus the family which included Neville, Mary and their three sons Alan, David and Adrian.


Demand grew for the range to expand to include additional local produce from other suppliers. Milk, cream, yoghurts, cakes, pies, juices, cordials, jams, marmalades, chutneys, pickles, crisps, ice-cream and frozen fruit and vegetables were all introduced.



In the Summer of 2000 the Gwillams decided to introduce their own meat to their product range, investing in two new chillers. They have not looked back.


Since 2000 their product range has grown further still to include alcoholic beverages, as well as seasonal produce such as Christmas trees, holly wreaths and turkeys.


They now have the added bonus of a "Fish Lady" who comes to the farm shop on a regular basis to sell a wide range of fish and shellfish to their customers.


The family like to hear from their customers and are always open to suggestions for their product range.